Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Night Shop Event

Halloween Night Shop Event.

We will have special event in shop at Halloween night.
Exclusive item will be

1.Blood Guts Toys x angel abby Shikabane Kaiju,
2.Undead Toys x angel abby custom Zombie DobuRats,
3.Sunguts x angel abby Octopus & Shark Kaijus,

After Shop sale,No.2 & 3 Exclusive items will be up on sale in Online shop at 0:00 1 Nov(HKT).

No.1 Exclusive item overseas sale:

Please apply following information to our email at 0:00 1 Nov~23:59 1 Nov (Hong Kong Time)

Price : US $250+shipping.
(Sell by Bling paper bag)

1 entry 1 household.

Phone number,
Instagram or Facebook Name,
Paypal address.

Our email:

We will contact winner ONLY at 2 Nov.
Don't apply it if you cannot complete payment within 2 days.
lottery video will be upload to our Instagram & our youtube channel.
***We will show winner Instagram or Facebook name to public when we doing lottery,
Hope you can understand,if you do NOT accept,please don't apply.***

Thank you & GOOD LUCK !

And Shop sale details already upload to our Facebook & Instagram.Follow us.
Facebook : Angel Abby,
Instagram : angelabby_hk

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Exclusive Tyranbo

Cojica Toys x angel abby Exclusive Tyranbo will be on sale in shop at 5 Oct.
Online sale at 0:00 6 Oct(HKT).

*Painted by Andy @ angel abby*